#28: Chandler Bolt, CEO of Self-Publishing School, on the power of self-publishing

College dropout to author to entrepreneur, Chandler built products where he saw a need. In today’s episode, learn about self-publishing, how Amazon has disrupted the publishing space, and how Chandler generates leads for his Self-Publishing School.

#27: Kiki Von Glinow, Gen Z Marketing Expert, on understanding Gen Z-ers

Kiki held various roles at the Huffington Post and, among other things, developed a broad-picture view of the digitally native Gen Z-ers. In today’s episode, learn the characteristics of Gen Z and why this savvy group has such fine-tuned BS detectors.

#26: Vinnie Fisher, lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and bestselling author, gives tips on the foundational elements of influence

Vinnie is an expert team builder. In today’s episode, learn the thing influencers should cultivate every day and why you should prioritize influencer-building activities.

#25: David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of 10 books and real-time marketing strategist, on real-time engagement

One of David’s focuses is on “real-time” engagement, both digitally and physically. He’s an in-demand keynote speaker (with kudos from the likes of Tony Robbins). Don’t miss hearing the story of the time he spilled water on his laptop while on stage and what happened next.




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#24: Tina Wells, CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing, reveals big picture trends

Tina’s research agency takes a macro perspective on emerging trends, then breaks it down to connect brands with influencers. Did you know the definition of “friend” changes over time? How influential are “friends” when it comes to decision making? What are the four trendsetter groups? Find out in today’s episode.

#23: Shari Alexander, expert in influential communications, garnered secrets from spies, hostage negotiators, and con artists

Shari recognizes the power of a clearly communicated, influential, persuasive message. Without that, no amount of software or hardware tools will help grow your business. Tune in to hear Shari’s tips for giving a charismatic presentation.

#22: Phil Singleton, author and SEO expert, poster child of giving to increase influence

Too many aspiring influencers ask for help, endorsements, or opportunities before they’ve given any real value. You’ve probably heard it before — give before you take. Phil gave of his time and talents to an influencer in his life, and it paid off, big time. Here Phil’s give-and-take story in today’s podcast.

#21: Ray Edwards, copywriter and communications strategist who has worked with Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, on compelling copy

Ray worked as a copywriter for radio for 30 years. Now he helps copywriters become business owners. Tune in to hear the expert’s advice for how to avoid a common copy mistake and how to produce persuasive copy.

#20: Josh Bains, long-form content writer and ghostwriter, on knowing if book writing is for you

Josh believes in telling stories to build and engage your audience. Learn how the ghostwriting process works, why every influencer should have a non technology-related skill, and the sign that long-form content might not be for you.



#19: John Hall, author of Top of Mind, on why good alone content isn’t enough

John’s company Influence & Co. helps businesses transform their expertise into influence and take their company to the next level. Tune in to hear the essential ingredients needed for creating value.

#18: Anthony Ambriz, video marketer with 300M+ Organic Views on YouTube, offers professional video tips for the novice

Among other things, Anthony harnessed LinkedIn’s native video to promote his VidStrategy business. Get Anthony’s tips for creating videos and learn the top reasons influencers fail with video. (Hint: it’s not that it was a bad hair day.)

#17: Jeff Sheehan, B2B marketing expert with over 330,000 Twitter followers, gives tips on differentiating yourself as an influencer

The “godfather” of social media, Jeff is one of the most followed B2B sales and marketing professionals on Twitter. He understands the importance of connecting with your audience and aggressively promoting your personal brand. Find out what Jeff’s strategy would be if he had to start his influencer journey over today.

#16: Ryan Foland, named a Branding Expert by Entrepreneur and Top Youth Marketer by Inc, reveals common mistakes influencers make and how to avoid them

Ryan teaches others to communicate their stories and articulate their expertise in succinct and engaging ways. He’s a communications master. In today’s episode, learn Ryan’s best pre-stage tip for harnessing nervous energy and what he recommends instead of memorizing your speech.

#15: Jessika Phillips, founder of NOW Marketing, on being a magnet vs. being a bullhorn

Jessika’s marketing agencies and courses focus on building and retaining relationships by telling stories and showing you care. Tune in to learn Jessika’s tool recommendations for membership sites and to learn about the one tool she can’t live without.

#14: Gillian Muessig, co-founder of SEOMoz (now “Moz”), venture capitalist, and mom to that Rand Fishkin guy, on why building a community is essential to growth

Gillian has been a guiding force in technology since the early days of the internet. Tune in to learn one of the key benefits of hosting a conversation on a particular topic and why listening is a critical component of your success.

#13: Kristina Libby, marketing professor and entrepreneur, on the power of planning your personal brand

Kristina, CEO of The Social Works Company, discusses the importance of company’s looking for and promoting influencers from within their own brand. Learn the four questions that influencers should revisit and reflect on every six months.

#12: Dorie Clark, HBR columnist and bestselling author, gives tips on becoming a recognized expert in your field

In today’s episode, Dorie describes how her influencer path began with a layoff and moved into authorship, public speaking, and passive income streams. Tune in to hear Dorie’s formula for becoming a recognized expert.



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#11: Cynthia Johnson, with 1.56 million followers on Twitter, shares tips on building the foundation for your thought leadership

Cynthia reminds us that most people appreciate vulnerability, so when you make a mistake, own up and move on. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about some of the mistakes and embarrassing moments Cynthia has lived through, whether she thinks it was a good idea to put her email address on all her public-facing work, and things she would do differently if she were starting her influencer journey today.

#10: Dave Kerpen, author of the NYT bestseller Likeable Social Media, on how to harness the power of LinkedIn to expand your network and influence

Likeable Social Media was started on the heels of an extremely successful, sponsored marketing event that also happened to be…his wedding. Learn the details about that along with Dave’s three points of advice for budding entrepreneurs.

#9: Bob Burg, Co-Author of the The Go-Giver (650,000+ copies sold), shares his secrets to become known, liked, and trusted in your industry

Bob Burg is old-school; his ideas are not. In today’s podcast, find out how Bob got into sales; characteristics the best sellers share; and Bob’s favorite classic book on sales.

#8: Chris Ducker, author of Virtual Freedom and founder of Youpreneur Summit, on delegation and authenticity

In this episode, learn the one question Chris asks that keeps him on track whenever a new email comes to his inbox. You’ll also learn Chris’s practical public speaking tips, his personal story of burnout, and the role authenticity played in his comeback.